As the daughter of an English teacher and a New York Times bestselling novelist, I basically popped out the womb ready to write.  
I graduated with a B.S. in Magazine Journalism from the University of Florida in 1996 and immediately applied for New York University’s Summer Publishing Institute. It was that summer, after being mentored by the best writers and editors in the magazine and book publishing industries, that I fell hard for magazines. Tours of the Seventeen, Rolling Stone and Conde Nast Traveler offices sealed my fate as a magazine junkie.
Not desiring to share a New York studio apartment with eight of my cronies, however, I moved back to my hometown of Miami, Florida. I was hired as a photo editor at Ocean Drive magazine but quickly moved to the now-defunct metropolitan regional glossy, Miami Metro, where I was the Assistant Art Director and a contributing writer for two years.
Having sat on the editor’s side of the desk, I understand the stress of an unforgiving publication schedule. Because of this, I am a dependable, deadline-meeting freelancer who can bang out a clever, readable article in next to no time.
I have held a succession of jobs in the journalism, communications and public relations fields.

My professional life in superlatives . . . 

Most Celebrities Encountered While on the Job

I spent two years as the Public Relations Manager at The Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach coordinating the crews, photos shoots, concerts and on-site movies of Jennifer Lopez, Robert Deniro, Carmen Electra, Shakira, the Dixie Chicks, Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev just to name a few.
I learned that I can write a mean press release and some rockin’ advertorial copy, but I hate the begging-for-favors part of PR.

Most Unexpected 

Five months after our first child was born, my husband and I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. It is far more family-friendly than Miami. I started a home organizing business and in no time became a respected organizing subject matter expert for print and TV news. See clips of my TV appearances at Your Home Editor. 
I gained a monthly column, The Organized Momma, in a St. Petersburg Times publication followed by another in a different local parenting mag, Mommazine. Since then I have developed writing specialties in home organizing and design, time management for busy families, women’s lifestyle, parenting and travel, especially travel with children.
I have written for multiple women’s interest websites as well as home & garden and parenting publications. See articles.

Most Surprising Job Hazard

Following my PR stint, I spent four years as a high school journalism teacher at the premier private school in Miami (the alma mater of Enrique Iglesias). O.J. Simpson’s daughter took my class and I developed an unnatural fear of parent/teacher conferences.

Most Likely to Blog

My blog, Self Editing, details my journey from freelance writer to published author. It is peppered with my life as an avid runner, the wife of a Trinidadian, the mother of two--a red-headed comedian and a Miss Sassy Pants--the sister of a brilliant, wasted mind, the daughter of a New York Times bestselling novelist, and the owner of two dogs adopted during a mid-life crisis.

Most Photogenic

A wannabe photojournalist, I enjoy nothing more than sharing my travel photos and adventures. A Miami native for 21 years, I am fluent in Spanish. This has helped me in more than one of the cities, states and countries I have visited. To see more of my photography click HERE.

Photos below were taken by me. Red dots depict places visited.

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